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Legal Information

Costa Rica Legal System Legal information in Costa Rica real estate. Costa Rica’s legal system is based on the Roman-Continental Law. Practical Implications: Written law, very strict and specific formalities for contracts, agreements etc., procedures and regulations are more detailed. There are many rules and regulations for certain transactions that are compulsory. Conflicts among parties must […]

Real Estate Prices: A Brief Overview

Real Estate is Booming in Costa Rica And there is something for every taste, from million dollar homes in affluent Central Valley suburbs, such as Escazu, to villas with glorious beachfront views for the family, to plots of old farm land out in the country that can be turned into the ideal remote getaway. It all […]

Eco-Friendly Tips

Remarkably Diverse, And Extraordinarily Rich”, Is Costa Rica’s Combined Flora And Fauna Costa Rica lies on the isthmian link that has made possible the dramatic interchange of biota between the previously separated North and South American continents. It hosts 800 species of birds, 350 species of amphibians and reptiles and 8000 species of higher plants. […]

Costa Rica Escrow deposits

When a foreign investor wishes to venture into the Costa Rica Real Estate market, one of the first questions that comes up is how the legal system operates, how it protects investors, and how it could facilitate or hinder the achievement of desired projects. Costa Rica has experienced in recent years the incursion of big names […]

Organic Compost Tumblers by Christina Orr (+506.8342-6817)

What is compost? Composting is a biological process by which microorganisms convert organic material into a dark, rich humus soil-like material, called compost. It is the same natural process that produces the dark humus layer on the forest or jungle floor. Composting differs only in the intentional creation of conditions that result in more rapid […]

Costa Rica Information Guide

What to know about Costa Rica? The Republic of Costa Rica is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. Since the civil war of 1948 that brought President José Figueres Ferrer to power, the country has been relatively free of violent political conflict. Figueres also abolished the military […]

Vacation Rental and Property Management in Costa Rica

Vacations in Costa Rica! From a property management vacation rental firm, you’ll want service and professionalism and up-to-date technology to help maximize the return on your big investment. For peace of mind, you will want to partner with a firm where business is conducted with integrity. Here are a number of questions you will want […]

Cost of living in Costa Rica

Wow, you live in Costa Rica? Everything must be super cheap down there! This is perhaps the most standard comment from friends and family in North America when they learn that you reside in Costa Rica. And while it is true – the overall cost of living can be significantly less than it is in […]

An Overview of Property Rights in Costa Rica

Familiarize yourself with property rights If you’re staying in Costa Rica for an extended time period and will be investing in real estate, it’s important to investigate.  As a foreigner, you have the same property rights as a Costa Rican, and the same system which protects citizens will protect you.  In Costa Rica there is […]

Various TV systems available in Costa Rica

Television has come a long way in the 14 years I have been living in Costa Rica. When I first moved here, there were only 2 cable companies and they offered a very limited amount of channels in English. Today, there are not only cable companies, but also satellite companies like SKY TV which was […]