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A Pura Vida Visit

A Pura Vida Visit

What to choose in a wonderful country like Costa Rica? Easy: All of it. Costa Rica is a small country that you can travel from side to side in a couple of days.


We are making a list of must-visits  so you can live the Pura Vida experience.




Spread across the country you can visit the different volcanoes in Costa Rica. The greatest one is the Arenal Volcano and it is located in Alajuela as the Poas Volcano has the biggest crater and it is also the most active of them all, the tallest is the Irazu Volcano in Cartago, the Turrialba Volcano is near by. You have to keep in mind that the weather in Costa Rica is very unpredictable and the lagoons might be cloudy. Make sure to check before making your day plan.

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Hot Springs.

Near the Arenal Volcano, you will be able to find a lot of establishments  that offer hot springs or thermal waters. After a long hike at the volcano and San Carlos, there´s nothing more relaxing than to dive in natural hot water surrounded by nature. The hotels normally have both day passes or stay.



You won’t believe just how beautiful the Caribbean side of the country is until you get there. In an ambient atmosphere of party and good vibes, there are national parks like Cahuita and Tortuguero, delicious food and people so positive and kind you won’t want to go back. Hotels, airb&bs and cabins offer the true Caribbean experience, they are very rustic but cute. You don’t want to miss Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Manzanillo and everything near. You will have the opportunity at every corner to spot monkeys and sloths.



Costa Rica has a lot of them, the most popular is La Paz Waterfalls but you can hike in various places to see one in person. In some tours around waterfalls, there’s even the possibility to do canopy.


Monteverde Rainforest.

With permanent fog and really cold, rainy weather, the rainforest has a huge variety of plants and animals. Pay for the guided tour, it’s totally worth the price. Near Monteverde Rainforest, you can find Selvatura Park, famous for its hanging bridges.



While listening to “Essential Costa Rica”, you might imagine the amazing shots of beaches in the country and yes, they are real, beautiful with such a variety of plants and animals. Doesn´t matter what part of Costa Rica you are going to visit, the beach is always near enough.


Rivers and Lakes

For more privacy and intimate setup, you can go to a River or a Lake (ask your local guide which ones are clean). You can organize a picnic and go to a river for a different view.


Overall, almost anywhere in Costa Rica you can experience natural beauty, don´t be afraid to ask locals where to go because there are places for all the requirements and types of people.


Karen Ebanks

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