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Favorite Places for Dining Out

Favorite Places for Dining Out

With its fresh seafood from both coasts and a variety of tropical produce, this is home to a good number of excellent restaurants.   The country’s local cuisine is simple, balanced, and nutritious, with most dishes using rice and beans as staples. Costa Rica’s national dish is gallo pinto, which translates to “spotted rooster.” It […]

Choosing a Real Estate Attorney in Costa Rica

Choosing a Real Estate Attorney in Costa Rica

Whether you are looking for a piece of paradise in this tropical haven or trying to flip your current property, a good and dependable real estate attorney will make your transaction run much smoother.   A lawyer who is also a licensed Notary Public is essential for navigating the complex legal system and avoiding any […]

Where to Visit in Costa Rica

Where to Visit in Costa Rica

From the Pacific tropical dry forest to the volcanic rainforest to the jungles of the Caribbean, Costa Rica has much to offer. Despite its small size, Costa Rica is home to 12 different life zones and is part of a global biodiversity hotspot. Its environmental laws and expansive system of national parks and reserves have […]

What to Do in Costa Rica

What to Do in Costa Rica

With its pristine beaches, majestic waterfalls and lush rainforest, Costa Rica is paradise for nature lovers. Nearly two million tourists flock to this beautiful country every year to visit its national parks, surf its world-famous waves, and observe its exotic wildlife.   While Costa Rica is smaller than the state of West Virginia, it is […]


Welcome To KarenRealEstate.Com   A Costa Rica Real Estate Consulting Company.   With over 20 years experience in Costa Rica real estate, I can help you find your perfect place in paradise.   Whether you are looking for homes, land, condos, hotels, beach properties, farms or a business opportunity to rent or buy in the Central Valley […]

Real Estate Information for Buying and Selling

Real Estate has the potential to fulfill the dreams of many So far, Costa Rica has proved to attract people from all over the world seeking a land of peace and natural beauty. The warm weather, majestic mountain ranges, serene beaches, political stability, and the value of land have drawn people from all over the […]

Legal Information

Costa Rica Legal System Legal information in Costa Rica real estate. Costa Rica’s legal system is based on the Roman-Continental Law. Practical Implications: Written law, very strict and specific formalities for contracts, agreements etc., procedures and regulations are more detailed. There are many rules and regulations for certain transactions that are compulsory. Conflicts among parties must […]

Real Estate Prices: A Brief Overview

Real Estate is Booming in Costa Rica And there is something for every taste, from million dollar homes in affluent Central Valley suburbs, such as Escazu, to villas with glorious beachfront views for the family, to plots of old farm land out in the country that can be turned into the ideal remote getaway. It all […]

Eco-Friendly Tips

Remarkably Diverse, And Extraordinarily Rich”, Is Costa Rica’s Combined Flora And Fauna Costa Rica lies on the isthmian link that has made possible the dramatic interchange of biota between the previously separated North and South American continents. It hosts 800 species of birds, 350 species of amphibians and reptiles and 8000 species of higher plants. […]

Costa Rica Escrow Deposits

When a foreign investor wishes to venture into the Costa Rica Real Estate market, one of the first questions that comes up is how the legal system operates, how it protects investors, and how it could facilitate or hinder the achievement of desired projects. Costa Rica has experienced in recent years the incursion of big names […]