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Is Ecotourism a Thing in Costa Rica?

Is Ecotourism a Thing in Costa Rica?

Yes. Ecotourism is a thing in Costa Rica and it makes us proud of our country. 


It would be weird and not very intelligent if a country with 4% of the  whole world’s biodiversity didn’t share it with humanity itself. 


Visiting Costa Rica you will be able to do observation tours of birds, turtles, monkeys, frogs, whales, rescued animals and many others.   


Right now, you could have an eco-wedding in Costa Rica if you would like to or whatever kind of big event you can think of. Being in touch with nature is a whole other level of experience. 


Weather with its micro weathers in Costa Rica makes it perfect for exploring different kinds of environments such as jungles, rainforests, preserved parks, mangroves, forests, swamps, for example. 


If you like absorbent experiences, you must go to the volcanoes or spend a soothing and relaxing day at the hot springs. 

25% of Costa Rica’s territory is protected by the government in matters of natural richness, this includes 22 national parks, 10 wildlife refuges, 12 biological reserves, 8 forests reserves, 26 protected zones and some indigenous preservation sites. 


Is well know that, besides government property’s protection for biodiversity, there are private organizations protecting plants and animals and they charge a small amount to get in the installations and be close to beautiful creatures so they can afford to keep helping injured animals.


Speaking of private organizations, businesses like  Surcos Tours, Adobe Rent a Car, ACOPROT, Explornatura, Albee Adventures, La Divina Comida, National Theater, Armotours, Arenal Springs, Asuaire, Ara Tours, Cactustour, Tierra Verde Adventures, Britt Coffee and many others are committed with having ecological practices as enterprises. Government certified that these companies work under great conditions without harming the environment. This association is called Esencial Costa Rica and you can find the stamp in the official products.

All the efforts point to only one truth: Conservation and economic increase can go together without having to sacrifice any of them. 


Every conservation area offers a habitat for many species. Costa Rica’s biodiversity is key so that agreements between the public and private sectors work together in this effort to keep the flora and fauna intact. 


Handicrafts in Costa Rica


Our handicrafts culture is very rich and attractive for tourists. We have well prepared artisans making amazing unique pieces that can be bought in the events organized by the government to support this activity. Art handicrafts can be found in a variety of materials such as mud, wood, glass, bowls… They are co-related with ecotourism because the processes are made to make the most of natural materials during the build of the final products. 


It’s very important to appreciate artists and artisans. They represent in their art pieces Costa Rica’s culture, animals, flowers, customs and so on. In every downtown you can find artisans markets where you can purchase handmade souvenirs for yourself and loved ones.   



Karen Ebanks

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