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Costa Rica Industry Statistics

Costa Rica Industry Statistics

There’s not a great data recollection about industry statistics in Costa Rica but it is sure enough to give you an idea of how this area is doing in the country.


Industry is defined as the economic and technical activity that turns raw materials into finished products and the installations where they are built.


It represented 21.5% of the GDP in 1997 and 42% in 2022 in Costa Rica. It provides 16% of work in the country.


Exportations in Costa Rica increased by 23% from 2020 to 2021 and it was mostly due to industries producing medical devices and precision equipment. Food industry has also increased as well as the electronic parts. The country also exports plastics, pharmaceutical chemicals, textils and electric materials which are also part of the industry.


Costa Rica is an attractive country for foreign companies to establish because the english and educational level are good and the quality standard is high. Companies can both be the industries making the devices and also the call centers for customer support. These enterprises are key for the country´s statistics in employment and sales.

Industry Statistics in costa rica

Now, industries are great for the pocket but not for the environment. Sometimes the rules of the corporations are just cruel with nature and they make zero to none effort to preserve the beautiful milieu that Costa Rica has. The country have laws to prevent this and waste treatment so as not to harm the flora and fauna.


Also, during the pandemic, Costa Rica has increased its numbers in services provided to other countries, through the work from home strategy, a lot of ticos are able to use technologies available to help clients outside the country.


Unemployment statistics in the country reached almost 25% in 2020, this is slowly recovering as the economy of Costa Rica improves in other aspects.


During Covid-19 and the hits it took globally in the economy of every country, Costa Rica has been very brave, companies have closed, reduced their personnel and shifts, changed locations for cheaper ones. A lot of people are unemployed right now with small non-official businesses of products and services.


However, when it all seems lost, Costa Rica´s statistics are on the rise, creating job opportunities, future sustainable development plans, more industries, more tourism options, small businesses evolving in established organizations, the sky’s the limit and the projections look very good.


Karen Ebanks

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