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Costa Rica Living Cost

Costa Rica Living Cost

There are a lot of reasons why you would like to live in Costa Rica, among them security, political stability, public health insurance, tropical weather but also because it might be cheaper than living in other countries. A couple in Costa Rica can live comfortably with around $2000 per month. Costa Rica ranks 56th out of 140 in most expensive countries to live in according to Numbeo, which means that Costa Rica is a developing country full of growth opportunities.


The Pura Vida relaxed lifestyle is amazing for a new beginning. A lot of people in Costa Rica speak English as a second language. At every location you go, you will be near medical centers, supermarkets and both public and private schools. Even living in the city, there are touristic areas close by and you can visit the tropical natural beauties of the country. 


There is public health insurance. If you´re working for a company, you´ll get an automatic deduction of 10.5% of your salary to be covered by this insurance and if you´re not working (i.e. you´re retired) you can have a voluntary payment for this insurance. There are also options for private health insurance but even if you don’t have insurance, Health services in Costa Rica are not that expensive out of pocket. That’s also why Costa Rica is a medical tourism destination.


In Costa Rica, school and highschool education is free. As well as public schools, there are private ones. Education in this country is one of the best in Latin America. Universities are affordable. 


Nutritious food and diverse restaurants are available for every taste and diet restriction you might have. There are imported substitutes for vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, non gmo and whatever other eating restraint. Supermarkets often sell groceries, meats and fruits or vegetables in the same place, there are some supermarkets that are low cost and also some fancy ones with imported products. Costa Rican water is drinkable, you can consume the water directly from the tap.


When you need to commute, there are trains and buses as part of the public transportation. A bus fare in Costa Rica is less than $1. There are uber, taxis and more private platforms. Getting a car in the country is not complicated because there are a lot of financing options and cheap cars on sale. You need to know that traffic in Costa Rica can get heavy during rush hours so even if you have your own car or motorcycle, traveling is going to take some time. 


Costa Rica is not the cheapest country in Central America but housing, groceries and utilities are affordable. Minimum salary is around $700 per month and foreigners can get job permits to be able to work in the country. 


Living near the center of the cities is a little more expensive than in the surrounding neighborhoods. There is very little difference between paying rent and purchasing a house. However, getting a bank loan for a house/apartment has a lot of requirements and that might complicate the purchase of the asset.


We hope this article helps you to make the best decision about moving to Costa Rica and the advantages you might get if you do. 


Karen Ebanks

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