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Costa Rica vs United States Statistics

Costa Rica vs United States Statistics

Costa Rica and the United States are very different countries. They are both located in America but culture, languages, economies, politics and people are very contrary. Let’s check out some of the contrasts between the two countries. 


Culture and Languages.

Costa Ricans are very friendly, warm and welcoming, the “Pura Vida” easy going lifestyle. It’s not complicated to make new friends and to feel at home. Its official language is Spanish but a lot of them speak English as well.

The United States has a lot of mixed cultures and even if the official language is English, a lot of other languages are spoken in the country. 


Economy and Politics.

Costa Rica has a small and open economy. Tourism and agriculture are the most important incomes of the region. It is a democratic and pacific country. Costa Rica hasn’t had an army since 1948.

The United States has one of the biggest economies in the world. It is well known for innovation, technology and finances. The politics are based in a Federal Constitution and they are also democratic. It is influential not only for American countries but other continents as well. 


Education and Health.

Costa Rica’s government has invested a lot of resources into its education and health systems. There´s public education and insurance. 

In the United States education is more expensive and it isn´t obligatory after high school. The country has some of the most renowned universities but also has a lot of issues with education in rural areas and not all of the citizens have access to healthcare. 

Environment and Tourism.

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical country and it’s popular due to its ecotourism and its commitment to sustainability. It has a lot of protected areas and national parks, beaches, volcanoes and it is one of the countries leaders of protection of the environment. 

The United States has a lot of tourism too, specially in the big cities like New York, LA or Orlando. However, they have had issues with the policies of protection of the environment; specially with mining and petroleum extraction. 



Costa Rica only has 2 seasons: Dry and Wet. The Dry season goes from December to May and the wet season goes from June to November. However, you can expect sunny days in the Wet season and rainy ones in the Dry season. 

While in the United States there are 4 seasons: Spring (from March to June), Summer (from June to September), Fall (from September to December) and Winter (from December to March). 


In conclusion, you will find a lot of differences between the two countries but each one of them stands out for different reasons, too. Costa Rica is a stable country worth of exploring as it keeps developing sustainably. 


Karen Ebanks

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