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Have you tasted the deliciousness of a Costa Rican cup of coffee?

Have you tasted the deliciousness of a Costa Rican cup of coffee?

Costa Rica’s coffee is loved and recognized worldwide. The country exports the finest coffee to international markets and we keep improving it. 


It doesn’t have to be a big country to have high quality products. Even if Costa Rica has a small territory it produces great coffee globally.


Costa Rican coffee offers an experience with the aroma, flavor and exotic notes.


Coffee produced in Costa Rica is 100% Arabic, therefore its grains are of the highest quality, known for the good taste and smell. It is cultivated in fertile soil of volcanic origin. More than 80% of the coffee-growing area is located between 800 and 1,600 meters of altitude and in temperatures between 17º and 28º C., with annual rainfall between 2,000 and 3,000 millimeters. The areas where coffee is planted are Brunca, Turrialba, Tres Ríos, Orosi, Tarrazú, Central and Occidental Valleys and Guanacaste. 

Coffee in Costa Rica is hand picked for only the mature grains to be collected. There’s an agreement between coffee growers where they commit to only pick mature fruit to preserve the quality of the final product. After a badge of fresh mature coffee gets picked, it gets dried for 7 days .  

costa rica coffee

First coffee seeds to reach Costa Rica came from Antillas in 1776. In 1820 we made our first international export badge. We used to send it to Chile and it got re-exported to London by European merchants until 1843 when we made our first direct shipment to England.


Technology has made it possible for Costa Rica to improve its coffee in several ways and since 2001 there has been legislation to improve production conditions.


Currently, Costa Rica is working in environmental sustainability. Due to higher prices for organic gourmet coffee, that’s exactly what’s been most produced lately. 


Pollution has been addressed by creating an industrial transformation program. This cost $100 million. 


These are the best ranked coffee marks of Costa Rica:


  1. Coffee Valdivia Costa Rica Tres Ríos, Café Britt
  2. Coffee Montecielo Costa Rica Tarrazú, Café Britt
  3. Coffee Peaberry Costa Rica, Volcanica Coffee
  4. Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazú, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC
  5. Organic coffee Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC
  6. Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazú, Good as Gold Coffee
  7. Classic Costa Rica, 1820
  8. Gourmet coffee Costa Rica, 1820
  9. Coffee Grandes Origenes Costa Rica, Cafe Fortaleza
  10.  Capsule coffee Costa Rica, Despierto y Soñando Fudi&Co


The genetic improvement was completed with the increase in planting density per unit and a greater use of fertilizers and supplements to combat pests and diseases.


Production technology changed from extensive to intensive, which generated higher productivity per cultivated unit. The techniques included the use of fertilizers in order to bring the plant nutrition to a healthy level.



Karen Ebanks

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