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Over these last few years, Costa Rica has rapidly become a number one destination for honeymoons; long white pristine beaches and lush green rainforest together with a beautiful climate and a friendly atmosphere make it the ideal location for the newlyweds to celebrate their new union, in totally privacy and surrounded by dreamlike exotic surroundings.

What is more romantic than watching the flamboyant sunset together, taking a long stroll on a deserted beach, or sharing a moonlight meal under the mystic sounds of the jungle. These precious new moments together will never be forgotten.

Let The Experts Help You

Where to stay is not a problem in Costa Rica; there is a large array of specialized hotels that cater for weddings and honeymoons in this exciting little country.  All there is to do is to pick a region, choose a hotel and everything is taken care of for the couples.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Experts in the matter take it into their own hands to provide them with exactly what they need, helping them pick the perfect location as well as planning their activities. Flowers, scents, and champagne cocktails are likely to welcome the new couples, followed by excellent room service, gourmet cuisine and exotic settings.

The Most Stunning Destinations

Newly wed couples share visions of strolling down an exotic beach, hand in hand, and swimming in the warm ocean. Bright sunlight, fabulous sunsets and tropical starry skies will accompany their fantastic journey as they wake up every morning to yet another day in paradise.

Couples who prefer the beach can choose between the Caribbean, the southern or central Pacific coast, or Guanacaste to the north. If they prefer they can have the proximity of an active volcano like Arenal, or the jungle like Monteverde.

Those who like to engage in adventurous activities will find sailing, sports fishing, scuba diving, zip line tours or horse riding readily available, amongst many others exciting ventures to choose from. They can either fly to their destinations, or if they prefer they may rent a car.

Incredible Choice of Hotels and Villas

There are many options available for the couples when it comes to accommodations; all inclusive honeymoons packages, with a countless choice of locations and incredible amenities, honeymoon resorts for those who like to be infinitely spoilt, a large choice of honeymoon boutique hotels, or honeymoon rentals.

The packages always deliver a unique and memorable experience, with a choice of accommodations to suit every tastes and pockets and are perfect for those who like to lay back and relax.

The boutique hotels will offer more privacy and exclusive locations, whether by the beach, in the heart of some tropical forest or by the foot of a volcano. Walk alone in the mysterious jungle, surrounded by exuberant tropical flora and fauna while listening to the sounds of nature.

This is what will make your honeymoon all the more special. Whether by a beautiful cascade, a roaring volcano or majestic ocean, Costa Rica will bring you a unique experience, while you enjoy gourmet food and beautiful accommodations. Those who seek more seclusion and an independent experience would probably rent one of the astonishing villas that are on offer.

Costa Rica; Your Romantic Destination

It is not without a good reason that Costa Rica was chosen by the Modern Bride World’s Trendiest Honeymoon Local Award and ranked amongst the ten best honeymoon destinations. It is the place of choice for you honeymoon for its natural and exotic beauty.

For many, their Honeymoon will be the most important trip they will ever make. Falling in love and getting married deserves the best and this is when choosing Costa Rica for your honeymoon is the best decision you’ll ever make. Not only is it one of the most beautiful destination on earth, it is also the safest and one of the friendliest.

Marriage is celebrated in style in Costa Rica and honeymooners will be given their due share of attention and will get spoilt to oblivion!  When it comes to honeymoon destinations, we all have different concept and expectations. Some may like to loose themselves in sheer luxury while others dream of a tree house lost in the jungle.

Some people’s idea of a perfect honeymoons stay is a white sanded beach, blue sky and blue sea, while others enjoy sharing the adrenaline rush of adventure. Whatever your taste or budget, Costa Rica has it. To make it even better, it is getting always easier to reach this precious little country thanks to two superb and modern airport; the Juan Santamaria Airport near San Jose and the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia capital of Guanacaste; they are both served by major US and European airlines with numerous daily flights.

For domestic flights, Sansa and Nature aire will take you to the main destinations of the country in less than an hour. Those with a sense of adventure and who like to explore will find that renting cars or even traveling by bus is easy and lots of fun too!

Costa Rica will make it the journey of your life and will give you the blessed and memorable honeymoon you have always dreamt about and deserve.



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