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Where to stay is not a problem in Costa Rica; there is a large array of specialized hotels that cater for weddings and honeymoons in this exciting little country.

All there is to do is to pick a region, choose a hotel and everything is taken care of for the couples.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Experts in the matter take it into their own hands to provide them with exactly what they need, helping them pick the perfect location as well as planning their activities.

Flowers, scents, and champagne cocktails are likely to welcome the new couples, followed by excellent room service, gourmet cuisine, and exotic settings.

Incredible Choice of Hotels and Villas

There are many options available for the couples when it comes to accommodations:

All-inclusive honeymoons packages with a countless choice of locations and incredible amenities. Honeymoon resorts for those who like to be infinitely spoilt. And the large choice of honeymoon boutique hotels, or honeymoon rentals.

The packages always deliver a unique and memorable experience. With a choice of accommodations to suit every taste and pocket. perfect for those who like to lay back and relax.

The boutique hotels will offer more privacy and exclusive locations. Whether by the beach, in the heart of some tropical forest, or by the foot of a volcano.

Walk alone in the mysterious jungle, surrounded by exuberant tropical flora and fauna while listening to the sounds of nature.

This is what will make your honeymoon all the more special. Whether by a beautiful cascade, a roaring volcano, or a majestic ocean. Costa Rica will bring you a unique experience, while you enjoy gourmet food and beautiful accommodations.

For those who seek more seclusion and an independent experience, they would probably rent one of the astonishing villas that are on offer.



Karen Ebanks

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