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Living La Vida Tica

Living La Vida Tica

Travel+Leisure catalog Costa Rica as one of the best countries for US expats. Our main highlights are culture, ticos kindness,  life quality, the crazy amount of activities indoors and outdoors you can do in here and many more attributes. 

In this same magazine, we are the only latin american country in the top 10 rank that goes like this:


  1. Portugal 
  2. Costa Rica
  3. South Korea
  4. Canada
  5. Austria
  6. Ghana
  7. Singapore
  8. Sweden
  9. New Zealand
  10. Spain

living in costa rica

In February 2022, International Living ranked Costa Rica as the second best country to retire based on health system, cost of living, housing marketplace, retiree’s benefits, residence visas and country development, weather, government circumstances, opportunities and access to entertainment.  


Costa Rica shined on health, entertainment and development but didn’t do as good in housing and opportunities. Now, it wasn’t contemplated in any of the studies but something really important is that a lot of people in Costa Rica speak more than one language, even if Spanish is our native idiom. 


Depending on the situation, it is easy to legalize your inmigration status in Costa Rica. There are not many requirements to sign a rent contract for a house or apartment. Services like electricity and water are cheap but other services like housing, vehicle ownership or food, for example, are expensive in comparison to countries in Latin America. 


Meanwhile statistics prove that Costa Rica is a great place to live, you can simply come to visit our country before making this decision and find out that you won’t want to go back. With such little territory, we offer you a wide range of activities for you and your family to never get bored!.


Can you imagine going from hiking in the mountains to snorkeling in the ocean in less than 2 hours by car? If you are an outdoorsy person, there is no way for you to run out of options of volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, beaches or national parks to visit. Costa Rica has amazing places to have adventures in nature. You can also go to the different towns and visit artisan markets, churches and central parks. Every single one of them will be different and will offer distinct products and experiences. 


Costa Rica also has museums, malls, cultural houses, workshops, gastronomic fairs, carnivals, cimarronas, patron saints and other festivities going the whole year round that you can visit as well.


We can also talk about our nightlife. With international and national concerts, stand up comedy being more popular every day, bars, clubs, parties, theater functions, every kind of restaurant with every kind of food, artists in every corner and others, you can be sure that you will find things to do that are compatible with your likes and interests and they will make you fall in love with Costa Rica. 


It doesn’t matter what considerations you are taking to choose a country to retire or to change your residence abroad. Costa Rica will always be an excellent place to live, our culture is rich and mixed, you can come by yourself or with your family and find friends really fast with beautiful communities based on solidarity. 


Karen Ebanks

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