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The Very Popular Costa Rica

The Very Popular Costa Rica

Overtourism is  mass tourism in a particular destination, for example the setting of a movie or a famous place like the Eiffel Tower.


It is defined as over tourism when the amount of tourists affects the place they´re visiting. It is about sustainability, after all. Not only natural destinies but also cities that deserve to be preserved. 


Obviously, it is an honor to have a lot of visitors but when there´s an overcrowd, the experience is not as pleasant. 


Tourists decide their destinations based on various factors like influencers, recommendations, social media, television and movies. Also, it is more and more easier and cheaper to get anywhere in the world. 


The natural biodiversity is affected by over tourism because of its delicate balance. Ecosystems require care and sometimes, touristics developments like activities, hotels and restaurants destroy all of them.  Pollution increases with the amount of people and that’s harmful too. 


The trash generated by people is much more than the amount that´s manageable. 


It is probable that in places with overtourism, habitants just move away, provoking prices of homes and cost of life to rise, including the disappearing little businesses and they are very important for a village´s economy. 


How does this translate to Costa Rica? Well, even being a really small country in which tourism is the most significant income, the tourists have so much to do that they are just all around the country and in the 12 months of the year due to its favorable tropical weather. 


In 2020, Costa Rica had to learn how to generate money without tourism and it actually didn’t go well. Gladly, Costa Rica received 2.3 million tourists in 2022. This number not only reached but exceeded the statistics before the covid-19 pandemic. 

On the other hand, the professionalism and good equipment make Costa Rica a great option for medical tourism with low cost but high quality procedures. 


Business, congress, conferences and technology tourism has decreased not only in the country but everywhere since the covid-19 pandemic. Platforms like Zoom or Teams have made it easy to communicate through video calls instead of a face-to-face interaction.  


Yoga, meditation and other alternative retirements have become very popular in Costa Rica for its peaceful and calm environment. 


Responsible tourism is enjoyable, Costa Rica has a lot of options for pleasant visits and you might actually want to stay in the country having the opportunity. It is true that there’s a lot of tourism but for its great variety, overtourism is not a thing in here. 


Karen Ebanks

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