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Tourism Crime Statistics in Costa Rica

Tourism Crime Statistics in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the country that ranks lower regarding homicides in Central America and the Caribbean. That means that in comparison, Costa Rica is one of the most safe countries in Latin America. 


According to authorities, most of the crimes in Costa Rica are related to drug dealing and gangs while tourism crimes are not that common. 


In Costa Rica, there’s very little violence but a lot of opportunistic robberies. This means that it is dangerous to have your phone, wallet, camera or other valuable belongings in your hand while being outside. You also shouldn’t leave your backpack unattended and it is very important to lock the doors and gates. Bus stops at night are not safe either, so you have to take all the precautions and be aware of your surroundings. 

On rural zones, beaches or any place that’s not the city, is safer but also where you could be more vulnerable for kidnaps and murders in lonely places. In tourist zones, there are a lot of police officers, cameras and private security  in hotels and other businesses.


We recommend to:

  •  Avoid areas with a lot of people.
  •  Is safer to go out in groups instead of alone.
  • Don’t ever accept food or drinks from someone you don’t know.
  • Don´t walk alone.
  • Look for well illuminated roads.
  • If you rent a car you should travel with closed doors.
  • Be aware of homeless people begging (mostly they are not dangerous unless they are under the influence of drugs).
  • Only use insured debit or credit cards.
  • Try not to use jewelry.
  • Don’t try to fight with the raider, they could be drugged and fighting will only put you at more risk. 


In 2018, 3 tourists women (mexican, spanish and venezuelan) were raped and murdered in different times during the year in touristic places. That same year, a tourist’s bus was stopped and robbed at gunpoint. The news are awful and undeniable, they bring shame to the country. The Costa Rica government and authorities are  doing their best to correct this instead of covering facts. 


Since 2018 the world has not heard more of the crimes described previously due to all of the efforts made so tourists can feel and actually be safe while staying in the country. 


This includes 20 actions to improve touristic security provided by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. Investments were made towards building more police delegations, hiring of more safeguards for beaches and public pools, lettering for dangerous zones, preventive videos at airports, digital tools and 3500 people trained in first aid. 


Overall, as long as you keep aware of your surroundings and stay alert, you will enjoy your visit in Costa Rica with no creepy encounters. 


Karen Ebanks

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