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Tourism in Costa Rica

Tourism in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, tourism is the most important economic activity, providing jobs for a lot of people in the whole country and economic stability. It represents ⅓ of Costa Rica´s services and income.


During  the Covid-19 pandemic, the country lost all of that due to the closing of the airports, restaurants and hotels, destabilizing the natural course of Costa Rica´s finances.  In 2021, 1.347.055 tourists came to Costa Rica and it represented a raise for all statistics.


Costa Rica has almost 6% of the biodiversity of the whole world, located in the tropics with beautiful weather and laws that protect the environment so it has become famous for its ecotourism and since it is a small country it can be traveled from the Caribbean  to the Pacific  in a couple of weeks.


There are options to hike and adventure but also for leisure and relaxing. From mountains and volcanoes to beaches and rivers, its traditional food or international restaurants, spaces for adults only and family friendly, the possibilities to go to museums and theaters filled with history or interact with wildlife in the preserved areas … Costa Rica offers a variety of activities, sights, everything you need to fulfill your plans.

The Pura Vida easy-going lifestyle in this amazing country is everywhere and it is contagious, it doesn’t matter if you´re stuck in the traffic in the city or if you´re surfing while watching the sunset. Costa Rica has 12 kinds of micro weathers, hotels merged with nature, hikings for amateurs to advanced hikers. One of its advantages is that there is a law called Law 7600 providing opportunities for exploring and spaces for people with disabilities, so, for example, if you or a member of your family is in a wheelchair, Costa Rica has options for enjoyment and recreation available.


Education, health and politics, human rights and acceptance for its population are really stable in the country. It hasn’t had an army since 1948 but there’s a lot of policemen in the city to protect the people. This made the Ethical Traveler magazine to consider Costa Rica in its top 10 list of ethical destinations.


Costa Rica also has protected areas and national parks to protect its biodiversity (almost 25% of the country’s territory). It makes it a great destination for ecotourism wich is very popular.


The blue flag project consists in promoting the touristic development in communities with practices that better the lifestyle and overall health of its habitants. A place that has this reward is because it has full access to clean water, clean public areas, education campaigns and such.


Another reason why Costa Rica is a popular destination is for medical tourism. Costa Ricans and people living in the country have the benefit of public health. However, there´s still a market of great private medicine which is more affordable than other countries like the United States or some European countries.


Costa Rica is a diverse country that can offer the experiences you´re looking for. You are more than welcome to visit and stay.


Karen Ebanks

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