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Where Is The Cheapest Place To Live in Costa Rica?

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Live in Costa Rica?

While the living cost in Costa Rica might be elevated for Central America, for a person that comes from Europe or North America, it is affordable. That’s why the country is popular for retirement. As a matter of fact, a study shows that living in Costa Rica is at least 30% cheaper than in Houston, Texas.


However, living in Costa Rica doesn’t have to be expensive in luxurious or touristic places. It can also be the city with all the commodities but cheaper. For example, Costa Rica has public transport everywhere and it is a good service. If you´re living in Costa Rica, there is accessible public health insurance where you will be saving a bunch of money by paying around 10.5% of your income per month. The democratic politics and favorable tropical weather will provide more stability in the country. 


For retirement, there are many possibilities and you can own a business even if you´re a foreigner. 


Now, If you´re the kind of person to run away from cities you need to look for jobs that have the option to work from home, you should take it and go to rural zones like Perez Zeledon, San Ramon, Atenas (ranked as the best place to live in Costa Rica), Grecia or Turrialba or even the Caribbean because rents and lifestyle are low but you could still find good internet and all the necessities close to your home. 

living in costa rica

For example, Puerto Viejo or Cahuita are perfect for digital nomads. With beautiful authentic structures and delicious traditional food has all the amenities and a close-by beach with touristic, relaxed vibes and it still is affordable to live in these zones. 


If you have to commute to work, it is better to move as close as you can to your work because traffic in Costa Rica can get pretty frustrating. If your job is in San Jose, there are some cheap options to live like Desamparados, Calle Blancos, Pavas and others. You can find a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom in these neighborhoods for less than $500 per month. Nearby the centers of Cartago, Heredia and Alajuela there are communities within the same price range.


In the same area, there are a lot of types of households, for example apartments, duplex, common areas with independent bedroom+bathroom, small or big houses, cabins and more. In Costa Rica the kind of place of residence are not designated by zone but they are all mixed. 


Something that is very good is that in Costa Rica you are near schools and universities but also to clinics (or ebais), hospitals and supermarkets wherever you live. Trash collection and public transportations are efficient. 


As you can see, there are ways to budget in Costa Rica if you´re interested in moving to this country.


Karen Ebanks

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