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Winery Tours in Costa Rica

Winery Tours in Costa Rica

Wine is very popular in Costa Rica, you can find it in supermarkets, restaurants or small gatherings of people. Most of it is imported but there are some efforts in the country to make different and exotic new authentic types of wine. 


For example, there’s a winery called Copey located in Santa Maria de Dota that has a winery tour and they have their signature wine called Golden Rush which is made with cape gooseberry instead of grapes but also the Copey wine which is made with grapes. The tour consists in a recap of how they started and where they are now as a business, a tour of the plantations, then it goes to the greenhouses where the winery and barrels of wine are and it closes with the tasting of several wines. This experience is around $75 per person. This was the only commercial traditional winery in Costa Rica and in Central America for a while.


In 2004, Viña El Espavey started business in Acosta, San Jose. It is a family business that have tours between January- February or July-August. You can be part of the collection of grapes that will later be used in the preparation of wine, the fermentation, wine making and other steps of the process. There are various packages for the tour in this winery that go from $10 to $22 per person.


Vinos Don Julian offers tours in Perez Zeledon and has 12 different wine flavors including blackberry, medlar, mixed fruits, peach, pineapple, mangustan, rambutan, water apple and cape gooseberry and tempts with the possibility of mango, guava and soursop new wine flavors in the future.

Costa Rica produces Coyol wine in Guanacaste. It is extracted from a palm and placed in glass bottles for its fermentation. You can find it in the most rural places in this province since it’s a tradition that comes from the indigenous people of this country. 


Expovino Online Shop sells different imported wines with deliveries from 24 to 72 hours after the purchase. Delivery is $6 or $10 (depending on distance) and wine prices are in USD. Wain also has this business model but prices are in colones and they sell other liquors as well.


Bottega is an online shop that combines wine selection with food or snacks in cute boxes for gifts or parties, it’s a very good item for social gatherings. 


Imported and artisanal wines are sold in most supermarkets and convenience stores and a great variety of wine types to choose from. 



Karen Ebanks

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